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Full Restoration

Classic Auto Repair offers partial and complete restoration services for your vehicle. Photos of our work (click here)

We have the skills and craftsmen that bring your car back to life. We use the resources and time necessary to make your classic vehicle function and appear perfect.

Car and truck restorations at Classic Auto Repair involved three phases:

Phase 1

  • Complete disassembly to the frame and parts evaluation
  • Media blast or chemical strip
  • Parts procurement
  • Begin subassembly and parts restoration
  • Metal repair/panel replacement
  • Body fitment

Phase 2

  • Priming
  • Underside detailing
  • Painting
  • Wet sand/polish

Phase 3

  • Assembly
  • Detailed safety inspection
  • Road and safety testing
  • Final detailing
  • Delivery to you

More about Complete Classic Car Restorations

It can take a long time to restore your car or truck. We do what's referred to as frame off restorations. We disassemble your vehicle to the bare frame. We clean everything and make sure every part works like new. We restore or replace all the parts, and paint them or powdered coat them before reinstalling them.

Classic vehicle restoration takes time. It can be costly and we urge you to give this very careful consideration. You'll really enjoy a project like this if you understand how cars and trucks are built. Novices may lose focus on the restoration and be amazed by the expense.

You can most likely buy a fully restored or partially restored car for less than it will cost to restore your car – probably much less.

Car or truck restorations are right for people that have a history with their vehicle. They've owned it for years…it's been in the family and it means too much to buy another vehicle.

We require a deposit for our work and bill each week against your deposits. You'll add additional funds when needed so we may continue our work until your project is complete. You can inspect our progress at any time and we take digital photos for every stage of your restoration.

We give fair estimates from experts that have been doing this for more than 50 years but please expect to pay more than the estimate. Every part on your vehicle is disassembled and inspected. We recondition or we replace as we reassemble. If we find unanticipated areas needing repair, that increases your price. It is not possible to anticipate everything needing replacement or repair. Fabrication of metal or rust repair can drive up starting estimates by 40%. Custom work can add another 20% to that.

Make sure this is an area of interest for you and that you can afford to bring your vehicle back to life. We'll be honored to help you. Call us with any questions or to simply discuss your project.

Partial Restoration

Want to fix up your classic vehicle so you can drive it safely? Have an area on your car that needs a little work? Classic Auto Repair has been helping people just like you since 1985. We can help you with any area of your car or truck.


  • Overhaul
  • Replacement with crate engines
  • All type of engine repair

Brake Repair

  • Disc brake conversions
  • Existing brake repair
  • Installing power brakes


  • Floor pan installation
  • Rust repair
  • Any metal or rust issues
  • Making any metal related parts


  • Front to Back parts replacement
  • New installation
  • Air ride Installation
  • Spring installation


  • Frame off complete nut and bolt restoration
  • Partial restoration of areas of interest


  • Automatic and standard transmission repair/rebuild
  • Installation of new transmission

Paint and Body

  • Complete repainting
  • Body and paint work for dents 
    and scratches


  • Complete rewiring
  • Repair of shorts or any electrical problems

Air Conditioning

  • Repair existing unit
  • Install new


  • Repair using new components
  • Install new power steering systems

Cooling System

  • We can fix your car if 
    it is overheating

Restored Frames

  • Installation of your body on 
    a restored frame

Rear Axles

  • Rebuild your rear axle assembly
  • Install a new or rebuilt axle

Interior Up Grades

  • Painting inside the car
  • All new or repainted interior parts
  • Carpet and seats