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Shock & Struts

Shocks and struts are one of the critical components that control your vehicle’s steering, stopping and stability.

Properly functioning shocks and struts will:

• Keep your tires on the road
• Give the vehicle a comfortable ride
• Help maintain alignment
• Stabilize the vehicle
• Prolong the life of other parts of the suspension

As they begin to wear or degrade, they lose their ability to control lean or sway and provide tire grip or adhesion when encountering bumps. A shock absorber’s firmness or control affects the rate of weight transfer from one side to another in a turn. Excessive weight transfer from bad shock absorbers can cause the unloading tire to pass from sticking to slipping or sliding, very abruptly. A loss of stability and vehicle control can compromise your vehicle’s safety and the safety of the passengers who ride with you. It’s important for drivers to understand that shocks and struts play a critical role in their vehicle’s safety.

Free shock & strut Inspection

When a shock or strut is not operating properly, you may notice several warning signs:

• Your car will continue to “rock” after hitting a bump
• Your car’s ride will begin to feel bouncy or mushy
• Nose dives on hard braking
• Excessive fluid leakage
• Broken or worn bushings
• Unusual tire wear

Because these changes occur gradually over time, they may be difficult to notice. Classic Auto Repair can inspect your shocks and strut for you anytime.

Get a free shock & strut inspection today.